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How to increase your response rate

Hi there,

Hope you guys enjoyed my last post, I need feedback so please give me your thoughts about what I write! 🙂
Today I will be writing about something that can sound really simple, but at the end of the road is the base of what link building is.


When I first started to link build, I was sending a lot of emails (50- 60 per day) and sometimes not even one single person would answer. They are probably thinking, what is this humble foreign link builder asking? I was getting a little bit worried because this was happening at least twice a week and that is not good at all, so I decided to do what a wise person should always do when he/she doesn’t know what’s going on, ASK SOMEBODY THAT IS WISER THAN YOU:). After a couple days of thinking why in the world people would not answer our long, not interesting and boring emails, we found out the answer to our problem!!


Think as if you were somebody that receives 50 emails a day (something common if you work in a business environment). Why would you even open an email that is titled ‘LINK REQUEST’, ‘RESOURCE SUGGESTION’? And if you were to open it, why would you bother reading something like this?

There are a couple of factors that influence people not to read these types of emails.

  • They don’t have time to go through all this information.
  • The font is way too small.
  • You are not going straight to the point; there is nothing wrong about asking somebody for a link or a link exchange! What is the worst thing they can do?
    • Say NO!
    • Call you and ask you a bunch of questions.
    • Ignore your email.

Other than that, you are sitting at your office and the other person is sitting at their office and nothing is going to happen. 🙂

  •  You are not even saying who you are!!! You are not super famous and some people won’t remember you.

Going back to the problem we were having with people not answering our emails, we decided to do the complete opposite: Sending short, interesting and straight forward emails. I know I said this on my last post, but this is really important:

  •  Introduce yourself and your organization (as brief as possible)
  • What do you want
  • Closing sentence with contact information
  • Press SEND!

Now you might be wondering how we made it interesting for them to read. Well we created info graphics that explained pretty much how we could help the website owner’s audience and also changing the subject to something like ‘ORGANIZATION NAME INQUIRY’. Trust me, this works really well and you will start noticing the changes really fast.

Something else that might be affecting your response rate is that you might not be targeting the proper market; don’t offer cat food to somebody that is in the sports industry! (I know, that was over the top, but try to aim something that relates to your product).

A good idea to find proper affinities to your product is doing something like a family tree, but with your affinities. If you are selling tennis racquets, you might want to hit tennis academies and/or tennis tournament sites and avoid your competitors! You don’t want them to notice what you are doing to attract customers.

Please feel free to email me at any time and again, if you want me to write about something in specific, let me know!


Hopefully you will be like this very soon 🙂

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